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When Should We Book?

Always book your vendors first! We book up quickly, so save your date asap! Be sure to check out our availability page for open dates. We have a non refundable deposit that saves your date and goes towards your final balance.

Are You Insured?

Yes, we are insured with general liability and liquor liability insurance for each event we attend . Don't worry we have you covered.

Can We Choose Our Cocktails?

Great question, all of our packages include a in person cocktail tasting . You will sample 10-12 cocktails as well as local craft beer. Our tastings are a HUGE hit!

Is Alcohol Included?

Due to Ohio law we are not permitted to purchase or sell alcohol.  However, we do include alcohol ordering, pickup, and delivery for each event. After your event we can also return beer and leftover wine for a credit.

Do You Offer Custom Packages?

Generally we modify and adjust each package based on the details of your event. We make sure that you get the most out of our service for the best price possible

Can You Make Standard Bar Drinks?

Absolutely, these drinks are quick and easy to make. We always make sure that your menu will cater to all of your guest preferences. Jack - Coke / Gin - Tonic / Vodka - Soda

What Happens to the leftover alcohol?

It is normal to have leftover alcohol at the end of the night. We will box everything up nicely for you to take home, or you can have us return beer and wine to our vendor.


We include all supplies, soft drinks, mixers and much more in every booking.

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